Best Fighting Games For Xbox 360

best fighting games for xbox 360

If like me you are considering buying a new fighting game for Xbox 360 in 2013 then you will want to know which are the best fighting games, will you? Or perhaps you are looking to buy a fighting games for your family? Then you have come to the right place! Here are some most recommended and best fighting games for Xbox 360.

I decided to write and post on the best 10 fighting games that are now on the market. I hope that this post will help you to decide which fighting games to buy. Here are some reviews for the best 10 fighting games on the Amazon.

The best fighting games review 2013, you can find the Top Rated fighting games reviews from here. It is helpful for you to buy a fighting games. Compare the Best fighting games available. Side by side comparisons of features and prices of Top Rated fighting games. Read customer reviews and articles helping you choose the best fighting games for Meeting Your Needs.

List of The Best Fighting Games For Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption

$16.67Save 11%
The wild west setting of Red Dead Redemption is so fully realized that the player feels like he’s in a western himself while playing this game. – Tony Quach
Great graphics, Amazing gameplay, And outstanding story. – bushmaster14
It’s not only one of the best games of the year but one of the best i’ve EVER played! – Adam J. Bernstein

Halo 3: ODST

$14.99Save 14%
Halo 3 ODST is a fantastic game. – Jeremiah
The 2nd disc for Halo 3 multiplayer would be better if it downloaded to your xbox like the multiplayer expansion pack for halo 2. – Carl W. Marlowe
The campaign is great fun and you’ll have lots of fun with co-op or firefight. – Unforgiven118

Assassin's Creed II - Platinum Hits edition

$12.80Save 7%
Great story, great characters, incredible graphics, great gameplay, great sound, great everything. – JOHN SPANGLER
Very fun game. – A. Hammer
Overall I highly recommend this game to anyone who was a fan of the first, and strongly urge people who haven’t played the first one to give this a try. – Jamie L. Fisher

Portal 2

$16.80Save 27%
Solving puzzles is extremely fun in this game. – Payson
The single player is unmatched and the co-op campaign is great. – Jeffrey
A special word mention for the writing–both the dialog and voicing for Wheatley and GLaDOS really make the game–they are hilarious. – Omar Sultan

L.A. Noire

$14.00Save 3%
Overall L.A. Noire has amazing motion capture technology that’s revolutionary as well as superb storytelling and great characters. – Richard Baker
Great game very addicting and is fun. – ErnieR
It would almost be worth just renting this game and playing through it. – Scott Thomas


$12.44Save 24%
This game is very easy to play. – Plageron
If you like to play both, shooter titles and RPG games…Borderlands is a must buy. – Dean Brown
If you like this type of game, you will love this one for sure. – L. Jones

Dark Souls

$16.00Save 50%
This game is all at once the most challenging and fun game I have played in a very long time. – Steve
Some people are saying that this is a game that is even better than Skyrim will be, and some are saying that is is a terrible game. – Joshua H
All that aside, the sense of reward you gain from defeating an enemy is so overwhelmingly amazing you will come back again and again for punishment from Dark Souls. – Tiz

Resident Evil 5

$10.77Save 4%
Graphics and sound are amazing. – R. Hill
Many people say that the game was terrible because they don’t like one little thing about it yet they still played it and while doing so, they liked it at some point. – Stephen Sicovitch
Whenever I would line up a head shot she would shoot the enemy in the stomach so that it writhes back in pain, which would cause me to miss. – Lolthgaar

Crysis 2

$19.99Save 15%
Pros: Great graphics, excellent game play, fun story, first person shooter that is very smooth and engaging. – Blade
I haven’t played the MultiPlayer, but the single player is good and if the MP is anything like that, I’d say it’s a great game to buy. – S. Prasad
As good as the graphic, gameplay, and sound are, the story is not. – MikeB

Tomb Raider

$37.99Save 23%
The graphics are great, controls spot on, story telling and voice acting are great. – John
UPDATE: I just want to make clear that this is an excellent, excellent game. – Danny Chandler
Good game lots of fun but kinda short. – Pen Name

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